Voices of Youth

Together let's redefine the ‘you’ in Youth!

Are you in search of yourself?
Are you full of ideas, but constricted by norms?
Are you looking for a safe space?

Whether you've learnings to share or dilemmas to address this is the platform for you. SecondAct recognizes the importance of self-awareness as a means of finding one's direction. And so we aspire to create a safe and judgment free zone where you can discover your true self! A platform where the Youth unite to listen, talk and grow together by addressing shared confusions and experiences.

Stay tuned for our upcoming workshops and live sessions!

Have you discovered your passion? Would you like to share your learnings?

Who do you look up to when you are looking for inspiration? We promise to reach out and curate a workshop with them.

Collaborate with us to conduct a workshop and share your insights with those who require them! Let directing others towards their true purpose, be your Second Act!

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