Learning happens through conversations!

We the people at SecondAct strongly believe in this!

We have one simple goal:

To motivate you to Discover Your SecondAct.

SecondAct as we describe it is a continuation yet an evolution, the act of finding meaning, fulfillment, and a deep sense of purpose.

While many of us might ponder over the road not taken, only a few choose to tread on it. In doing so, they give a first chance to their dreams, and take the first step towards their SecondAct.

Discover Your SecondAct Podcasts is a platform that will to nudge you in the direction of your SecondAct by bringing to you the journey of people who've found their's.

We have been a host to many influential people including Imtiaz Ali, Roshan Abbas, Priya Malik, Ankur Warikoo, Chef Saby amongst others who have brought in their stories and inspired the listeners with their SecondActs.

Tune in to listen to their journeys and those of many more if you haven't already!

At the End

If you have trodden on the road less travelled and want to share your experience do contact us!

Feel free to share with us names of people you look up too, whose story has the power to positively impact the life of others, and we'd try to reach out to them.

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If you desire to share your journey and have a moving experience that you believe can motivate others to contact us!

Let us know the speaker you'd like to listen to and we'd try to reach out to them too!

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