Help guide life decisions, influence behavior, and shape goals.


People first. People always. For together we can do so much.


Foster an inclusive culture for everyone to get better.

Our Firsts at Second Act


Advocating mindfulness for improved objectivity, self-control, inclusivity, enhanced flexibility, equanimity, and emotional intelligence.


Fostering power in people through various activities and workshops to gain control over their own lives and contribute to society.


Making empathy central to your life to respect one another, and create strong relationships, reduce stress and enhance emotional awareness.


Focusing more on less addressed tangible factors like mood and cognition to drive over wellbeing of people.


Providing tools of self-discovery to transform yourself.


Encouraging healing and learning through conversations.

About the Founder

After her decades-long journey in the corporate world, Archana quit her job with the hope of giving back. Realizing the importance of self-discovery and the tranquility that comes with following one’s heart Archana laid the foundation stone of Second Act; A place of re- discovery. An organization that hopes of providing anyone and everyone with the tools and opportunities they might be needed, to give wings to their desires and consequently help people in discovering their inner callings, dreams, and Second Act.

With years of training and experience behind her from her experience in the travel and hospitality industry, Archana strives to put her insight to good use and assist individuals as well as firms in becoming the best versions of themselves. Believing that there lies a spark within us all, which could be ignited by just an honest conversation, a little time for introspection, or maybe even by reading a book, Archana hopes of providing all with a medium to lighting that lamp within them. Understanding that psychological well-being is a key ingredient in the evolution of a person, she offers to coach those who find themselves at crossroads in their lives and careers and aspires to provide them with the tools to re-connect with their inner self and discover their Second Act through her Second Act!

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