The world we live in is riddled with inequalities, through our workshops at a societal level we at Second Act aim to bring about a transformation in this structure and contribute to moving towards equality.

Curating workshops on skill development, financial literacy, self-defense among other things, we aim to spread awareness and zeal of equality in the working and independent women of today and tomorrow.

Second Act takes immense pride in the growth and development of our Pink Toilet Staff. Focusing on not only their physical and economic growth we also train them to be more mindful and self-aware citizens who are conscious of their rights and duties.


A short film on women safety, sanitation, and hygiene | Pink Toilets Program

With the view of creating safe public places and safer cities, was born the concept of Pink Toilets, a place whose existence would increase the mobility and participation of women in public spheres.

A short film on the unique model of Pink Toilet - #NotJustAToilet, which is a hub for women to feel comfortable, safe, and be informed about women-related issues; all the while not worrying about hygiene or sanitation.

Self Defence Workshop for the Pink Toilets staff

Equality is not a privilege, it's our birth right. To create an equitable environment transformation needs is required at the grass roots level!

'Self- protection is not a just a skill, it is your duty to yourself.'

By training our pink toilet staff in self-defence we bring in awareness of their independence and consequently propagate equality.

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