Second Act is a human transformational, workshop-driven platform that wishes to empower everyone with the tools and resources for wellbeing and growth. Working from the corporates to the grassroots level, Second Act caters to people from all sectors with the sole intention of becoming a better version of themselves.

Second Act dreams of a just and equitable society. A society that will be presided over by the norms of harmony. To convert this dream of ours into reality we provide all with the tools of self-acceptance and development. As Second Act firmly believes that change comes from within, we motivate people to connect with their inner selves by encouraging them to practice mindfulness and empathy in their day-to-day life. Assisting people as they undertake their journey of self-discovery, we hope would open the doors to a brighter tomorrow.

Why Second Act?

  • Because

    Second Act's Self Discovery Workshops strive to assist people in outshining their past selves. By developing an acceptance of themselves. The workshops aim to leave all with the zeal and vigour to continuously better themselves and uncover their true potential

  • Because

    Second Act's Corporate Sessions aim to provide the employees of an organisation with the encouragement and motivation that they might have been missing. By conducting interactive workshops, hosted by inspirational influencers, we hope to help all Discover their Second Act.

  • Because

    Second Act's Women Empowerment Workshops work towards the upliftment of women belonging to the marginalized communities. By curating wellness workshops on topics ranging from Hygiene to Self-Defence Second Act aims to make these women independent and self-sufficient

  • Because

    Second Act's Discover your Second Act Podcasts aspire to nudge its listeners to uncover their real purpose as they listen to and learn from the experiences of some of the most influential people from around the globe

  • Because

    Second Act's Voice of Youth caters to the dilemmas in the life of youth. It aims to create a safe space for the youth where they can be a part of each other's journeys. Through workshops and seminars conducted by the youth for the youth, Second Act propels the holistic development of all.

  • Because

    Second Act's joint ventures: The Coffee Beans Retreats and Be You Bravely, attempt to create a safe space for women to be themselves and their own muse. And proffer an authentic and credible zone that speaks “women for women"

  • Self-transformation is the first step to transforming the world, isn't it?

    If your answer is yes then our thoughts are in sync and your search ends here!

    Talk soon.

Our Workshops

I Celebrate Myself

An intensive life-balance workshop for women.

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Lead From Your Core

An intensive transformational leadership workshop for men.

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Dare to wear your Pink Boots

A curated virtual workshop on diversity, equity and inclusion.

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Corporate Sessions

Bringing an evolution through the milestones of those who've succeeded in mastering their fields.

We conduct online and offline transformational workshops in collaboration with some of the most prominent names so that their stories can become a motivation for those who seek them.

The Coffee Beans

Sharing stories, opening boundaries, and loving oneself without any biases. An enthralling atmosphere that one can step into and be coaxed into exploring their forgotten spark.

An atmosphere nurtured with love and care that'll enwrap you in its bliss and encourage us all to be our most carefree selves as we find the real us once again, through dance, music and play and a lot of conversations and of course some coffee!

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Tryst with Trust

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